We bring the team and personal touch into your home office.

Overcome the difficulties of working remotely and feel like being together in the office.

Successful teamwork needs team spirit

Good teamwork requires good communication, mutual respect and trust. Without cohesion there is no collaboration! Not only cooperative and creative activities require social proximity and personal exchange.

Companies that are unable to make employees working in home office feel being part of a team and make it difficult to share knowledge in order to understand contexts will risk that collaboration fails. This may prove very expensive in many ways.

Breaklounge stands for a good time to talk

Spontaneous conversations simply arise. Breaklounge is an easy to use mobil app that brings you a “good time to talk”!

With the mobile app you can talk to your colleagues via video call. The special thing about it: You see immediately who’s up for a virtual coffee break! Meet in the lobby or just pass by if you have the time and the desire. Your colleagues are waiting for you.



Social proximity and good teamwork.
despite physical distance

Feel at home

The personal exchange and coffee break enhance the quality of relationships. Both are the basis for trust and cooperation, not only within teams, but also across hierarchy levels.

Stay in the know

With Breaklounge, employees working in home office stay in touch, chat about what‘s going on and can voluntary exchange their knowledge about processes and procedures.

Work productively and with great motivation

New work is marked by home office, remote work and cross-location collaboration. Breaklounge fills the gap of traditional collaboration tools and strengthens team spirit and team bonding between geographically distanced team members. Breaklounge fills the gap of traditional collaboration tools and strengthens team spirit and team bonding between geographically distanced team members.

Why Breaklounge

Enabling social networks in the home office

Employees who work remotely and in virtual teams need room to develop social networks and build social contacts in order to work productively and stay motivated. When asked about the most important shortcoming both employees and companies agree: 95% of the respondents miss the personal interaction.
This is a great loss. How often turns a spontaneous informal conversation in the morning into a meaningful recap of yesterdays meeting? Or how many times interlocutors decide to pursue an idea?
With Breaklounge, companies give their employees the opportunity to exchange ideas in personal conversations.

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of the surveyed team members and team managers are satisfied with working from home.
+ 0 %
of all employees agree that good teamwork is more important than high salaries.
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of virtual coffee breaks are sufficient to build social networks and exchange experiences, opinions and advice.
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of employees work more productively in home office than in on-site office.
Increase cohesion and team spirit with Breaklounge

Remote working and home office are the new norm

There are many reasons why working remotely and working from home are becoming the new normality in everyday corporate life. New opportunities come with new challenges, both for collaboration and for leading geographically distanced teams. With Breaklounge, companies and employees benefit from a functioning tool to maximize cohesion and team spirit in virtual teams.

In a word

The idea

Why we came up with Breaklounge.

Marc Herling
Marc HerlingCEO and Founder
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What the many different tools for virtual teamwork cannot replace: The valuable conversations with colleagues at the coffee machine, the exchange of experiences and views.
Ben Heisch
Ben HeischCTO
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Tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack are very powerful and provide many features. But what they can not do is to establish mutual trust among the coworkers.
Marc Herling
Marc HerlingCEO and Founder
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Breaklounge is the virtual meeting place for coworkers. Here, people talk to each other when they have time and want to do so, without being on site.
Ben Heisch
Ben HeischCTO
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Cohesion and the feeling of belonging, both are basic human needs. Being part of a team simply feels better. Being part of a team simply feels better.

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