"Actually, remote works just fine, but..."

Our team lacks the face-to-face conversations for social exchange and cohesion.

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"We're not getting anywhere like this"

Previous communication solutions are not made for informal conversations. Breaklounge is specifically designed for social exchange in hybrid working environments.

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"We are also a strong team remotely".

Team leadership and team bonding are based on cohesion and good communication. With Breaklounge, employees stay connected despite physical distance.

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"We achieve very good results remotely."

Teamwork, knowledge sharing and cohesion in hybrid working environments need personal exchange and lively networks. Breaklounge creates the necessary spaces and opportunities for this.

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"Good ideas can also be found remotely."

Innovations emerge and grow through personal exchange. Breaklounge keeps employees talking to each other and companies competitive.

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Remote Work Communication

Work remotely. Stay in touch. Get better results.

Not only cooperative and creative activities need social proximity and personal exchange. Good teamwork and cohesion only work with good communication, mutual respect and trust.

Remote employees who cannot build a “we” feeling and share knowledge have a hard time understanding important relationships. The result: collaboration fails. And that can be really expensive in many ways.

Remote Work. What moves us


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Better with Breaklounge

Breaklounge is the communication solution for today’s companies: decentralized, international and remote-first. Our intuitive app enables communication in modern hybrid working environments and meet the high demands for data protection in employee communication.

Power of talk

Informal conversations have great power for motivation and exchange. Breaklounge gets employees talking.


Breaklounge consistently pursues mobile usage concepts. Our app opens up new possibilities for communication in remote work environments: always at hand, without tying you to your desk.

Informal Channel

Breaklounge creates a confidential and protected communication channel without privacy issues where employees can safely talk about the topics that move them.

Social Engine

Our intelligent social engine creates opportunities for spontaneous conversations and ensures optimal matching.

Enterprise ready

Breaklounge is specifically designed to meet the security, co-determination and operational needs of large enterprises.


Breaklounge brings employees together and creates a motivating working environment. The focus is on trust and belonging.

Social Exchange

Breaklounge creates social proximity despite physical distance, ensures a motivating working environment and provides opportunities for informal exchange.


Breaklounge is all about the human needs for communication, trust, belonging and bonding.

Why we cannot do without informal communication

Without informal communication, not only meaning and context are missing. Without informal communication, the risk of misunderstanding increases and collaboration becomes more difficult. Without informal communication, employees lose touch and can neither develop an awareness of other points of view, nor a common one. When people talk to each other, they share knowledge and experience and can resolve existing conflicts.

The days when informal communication was “accepted” in companies solely because of the social needs of employees are fortunately over. Because research agrees: Informal communication significantly improves work results. That’s why companies today use a wide variety of tools to support communication and collaboration.

Many of these tools offer similar features, but are different. Our Social Software Landscape provides an overview. What stands out is that collaboration tools tend to focus on work outcomes and results-oriented collaboration. But short, informal conversations are critical for companies to function well in an era of hybrid work models. Breaklounge creates spaces and opportunities for informal exchange and is ideal for remote work.


Remote Work: Good reasons

1 %

of the surveyed team members and managers are satisfied working from home.

1 %

of employees feel that good teamwork is more important than a high salary.

1 %

of employees work more productively in a home office than in presence office.

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Our customers are innovative and successful companies with a clear strategy for the working world of tomorrow.
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Remote Work: Come to stay

As many studies have shown, remote work and home office offer employees and companies many advantages. At the same time, the new work models bring new challenges. With Breaklounge, you set the right impulses and create social proximity despite spatial distance.

Work Remotely

Inspiration for the modern work

Inspiration for hybrid working environments. Breaklounge is more than an app. Breaklounge enables a ‘good time to talk’ in the remote working world, benefiting people and companies. Let us inspire you.

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